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4 Reasons Why You Should Write a Future-Proof Parenting Plan

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When parents share custody of their children, it is important to have a parenting plan in place that will work for both parties long-term. Too often, parents create a plan that only works for them in the short term, which can lead to conflict down the road. A future-proof parenting plan takes into account both parents' needs and sets up a system where both parties can thrive.

Let's explore how a future-proof parenting plan can help co-parents.

What Is a "Future-Proof" Parenting Plan?

A future-proof parenting plan is a plan that takes into account the child's needs, both in the present and in the future. It sets up a system in which both parents can co-parent efficiently and effectively by opening communication regarding the child's current and future needs. With this line of communication, parents can collaborate to build an agreement that will positively impact their children as they grow up.

Creating a future-proof parenting plan is one of the best ways to ensure that both parties are prepared for any changes that may come up in the future. By anticipating potential problems, co-parents can avoid potential conflict and make sure that their agreement remains fair and equitable. It also helps to ensure that both parties agree on how any issues should be handled, which could save time and money in the long run. The goal of such a plan is to provide a stable foundation for the family long-term, even if one parent or the child's circumstances change.

Here are four ways future-proof planning is beneficial for your entire family.

1. Helps Co-Parents Prepare For The Future

A future-proof parenting plan not only considers the here and now but also prepares for potential changes in the future. This is especially beneficial when it comes to custody arrangements and visitation times. By having a plan that anticipates possible future scenarios, co-parents can avoid conflict caused by sudden, unexpected changes.

2. Helps Limit Conflict With Prewritten Clauses

A future-proof parenting plan contains prewritten clauses that are designed to limit potential conflicts. This includes rules about communication between parents, as well as details about how changes can be made to the agreement if necessary. These clauses help to ensure that both parties stay on the same page and provide a framework for resolving any disputes without involving lawyers or the courts.

3. Outlines How Disagreements Regarding Custody Issues Can Be Handled

A future-proof parenting plan also outlines how potential disagreements between the two parties should be handled. This may include mediation or arbitration services and specifying which courts would have jurisdiction over any issues that the co-parents themselves cannot resolve. By outlining how these disputes will be handled ahead of time, conflict can often be avoided, and parents can work together to devise a solution that works for both parties.

4. Allows for Modifications As Needed

Finally, a future-proof parenting plan allows for modifications as needed. If necessary, this includes changes to the custody agreement or visitation times and additional clauses. By reviewing and updating the plan regularly, parents can make sure that their agreement remains up-to-date and reflects any changing needs or circumstances.

We Do Family Law Differently

At Embry Family Law P.C., we understand the importance of having a future-proof parenting plan. We strive to provide our clients with the guidance they need to create an agreement that will work for both parties long-term and help them seek any modifications needed.

Are you drafting your child's parenting plan? Call our firm today at (619) 485-6476 to request a consultation and learn more about how we can help you prepare for your child's future.

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