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How to Prepare My Children For Changes In Their Custody Order

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Custody arrangements can be complicated and sensitive, but it is essential that your children understand the basics of their custody arrangement. When your child understands who they live with, how long they’ll be with each parent, and what rules apply to each household, it will give them a sense of security and understanding.

Let’s explore why it is essential to inform your child of any changes and discuss them appropriately so they better understand any updates to their custody arrangement.

Explaining the Basics of Child Custody Arrangements

Explaining the basics of a child custody arrangement should include when and where your children will spend time with each parent. It is also vital to discuss what rules apply to each home so that there are no surprises for your children. Discussing these details in an age-appropriate manner gives your children a greater understanding of their situation and helps them feel safe and secure.

Discussing Updates to the Custody Arrangement

It's common for custody arrangements to change over time as circumstances change or life events occur. If there are changes made to the custody arrangement, it’s crucial that you communicate this information to your children in a timely manner.

Explain why the changes are being made and how they may affect your children’s lives going forward. It is best if both parents communicate these updates together if possible; however, if this isn't feasible, then one parent should take the lead on sharing this information clearly and respectfully with their children.

Making Changes Easy for Your Kids

It's natural for kids to be upset about any changes because it can disrupt their routine and create confusion as they adjust to new expectations from both parents' households. To make sure everyone is on the same page during this transition period, help your kids stay organized by making lists of tasks they need to complete (like packing up their belongings) or using a calendar app so they can track which days they are at each house. This will help keep them informed without needing constant reminders from either parent.

We Do Family Law Differently

Helping your children understand their custody arrangements increases their security and safety while giving them an increased sense of stability during transition or change. It’s also essential that you inform them of any updates or changes made regarding these arrangements so that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations.

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