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My Ex is Refusing Visitation - What Can I Do?

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Defending Your Right to Be a Parent

Every parent has the right to spend time with their child regardless of their marital status. Unfortunately, sometimes one parent may try to interfere with another parent’s right to visitation. In this instance, what can be done to protect your rights? Here is what you should know if your ex ever refuses your visitation rights.

Court Orders Are the Law

Parents might have various reasons for trying to withhold visitation from another; however, they simply cannot attempt to take the law into their own hands. Once a custody order is approved and signed by a judge, it becomes an official court order; breaking a court order is against the law and may have serious ramifications.

Options of Enforcing Your Order

If your rights to visitation are being infringed upon by the other parent, you have the right to seek enforcement of your custody order. There are several options of enforcement available to you.

Police Enforcement

If you are denied visitation during your court-ordered visitation time, you can call your local police office and ask them to enforce your custody order. If your child is being held at your ex-spouse’s residence, they may visit their home to enforce the order. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be able to request the assistance of the child abduction unit of your district attorney’s office.

Contempt of Court

You have the option of going back to court and filing a contempt action. If you choose to do this, keep a record of any and all custody order violations that your ex-spouse may have committed over time. By filing a contempt order, you are asking the court to both enforce the custody order and find that the other parent willfully disobeyed the custody order.

Should you choose to go this route, it’s important that you speak with a custody attorney. Pursuing a contempt action can be complex with serious consequences, so it is necessary to have all the information necessary to make the smartest decision.

Seek the Help of a California Custody Attorney

You have the right to be a parent to your child, and if those rights are being infringed upon, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to find out your best option for action. At Site:BusinessName}, we know how important it is to spend time with your child. We will fight to protect your right to be a parent and will defend your child’s best interests.

To schedule a consultation, call us at (619) 485-6476 or visit us online.

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