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How Can I Modify My Child Support?

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For most divorced parents, child support is their way to help provide for their children in a healthy way. Your child support payments are highly dependent on your income and ensuring that your children are provided for fairly by both parents. But what happens when your income changes?

Common Reasons For Child Support Modifications

Child support can only be modified in cases of “significant change” for the parents. Common significant changes include:

  • Job promotion and pay raise
  • Change in income
  • Job loss
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Severe illness or injury
  • Relocation of the child or the parent
  • Change of financial circumstances

How Is Child Support Modified?

Both parents are eligible to bring a child support modification case to the courts. In a child support adjustment, the courts will consider the documentation for a change of circumstance and then determine a new payment amount for child support if necessary.

Can Child Support Payments Only Be Decreased?

Child support payments may be both increased and decreased by the court, depending on the new circumstances. While each payment adjustment varies case by case, payments will generally increase if a parent’s income increases, or decrease if they lose a significant portion of their income or job.

Find An Attorney To Help With Your Child Support Modification

When modifying something significant like child support, it is best to get it done right the first time. Consult your child support attorney to help guide you through the process of a modification to ensure it is done properly.

Our San Diego child support attorneys are experienced in child support modifications for both parties involved. Call us today at (619) 485-6476 to schedule your case evaluation with our team of child support attorneys.